Privacy policy

Learning about Privacy Policy is very important because it has to do with customers’ data. In, visitors can expect a secure protection of personal information.

No registration

Visitors aren’t required to register an account to have access to our contents. Therefore, you don’t have to use your email address, phone number, name, date of birth, etc. Data thieves are restricted from using your information. doesn’t spam offers or update notifications through emails either.

This aspect can be changed in the future since we find it easier to optimize suggestions according to the personal information of consumers (like gender or date of birth). However, at the moment, we offer a free access to


Like many other websites, uses cookies to enhance the navigating experience of visitors. With cookies, we can customize our website according to customers’ behaviors.

We will always ask visitors if they allow cookies. So, visitors have control over the application of this tool on our website. Your information will be safe even with cookies on.


To facilitate the search of customers for the best electric kettle, we add products’ links on Amazon. Every link that includes in our articles are safe and it will direct visitors to Amazon page. Needless to say, they are 100% virus-free. Customers don’t have to be worried about their data being stolen. One click of yours is a support to our team.

Age restriction delivers clean contents which are safe for people of all ages. However, we still recommend parental guidance for children under 13. Because of the lack of information, children under 13 can misunderstand certain concepts. Parents assure that young website visitors capture the exact ideas that we are trying to deliver.